Watch the powerful trailer for Denzel Washington’s ‘Fences’

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis (Paramount Pictures)

With tremendous excitement I share my recent discovery the trailer for 'Fences' the film starring Denzel Washington. This movie is based on a 1983 play by African American playwright August Wilson. 'Fences' explores the evolving  experience and examines race relations, among other themes. The play won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the 1987 Tony Award for Best Play.

August Wilson is a storyteller who impact fully wrote about the frustrations and glory of being black. It was 2011 when I was first introduced to one of the most powerful scenes in theater ever. In my creative studio Architect The Future in Amsterdam Bijlmer some friends and myself burned hours in the nights studying honorable plays and films by Melanated filmmakers. A friend/colleague visiting from the United States pulled up a scene on youtube between: James Earl Jones (Troy, a 53-year-old head of household who struggles with providing for his family) and his son. The scene started with son stepping up to his father uttering the words; How come you ain't never liked me? What happend next marked me with inspiration and nostalgia for missing out on such a memorable Broadway play back at that time. But my unspoken wishes have been heard and soon we will be able to enjoy Fences The Film.   

Cinema Friday, Written & Curated by Melanin Kris